Sobcon, Inc.
About Us

Sobcon, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Detlev Belser and Matthew Fitzpatrick.  Sobcon can provide all facets of the web development process from developing business requirements, to offering design, programming and hosting services that support your marketing campaign or personal needs.

E-Mail Marketing & Follow Up

Sobcon does not send e-mail to random lists of e-mail addresses (i.e. SPAM), but we can help you market your business to legitimate e-mail lists.  Perhaps you have collected e-mail addresses from your clients and want to send a holiday message?  Whatever you need to communicate, Sobcon can help.


For many organizations, the security of having support when you need it is paramount.  Sobcon stands behind our work and will be ready to help if problems surface, or needs change.

Web Development

A website is core to most businesses.  Today's consumer expects something new and freash each time they visit your site.


Sobcon's experience can equip your business with more than just a website.  We will work to understand your business and advise you on the tools that will help you achieve your goals.  We also explain those tools in terms you can understand.